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2009 Thoroughbred Spirit Award: 
When Gloria Hill, Co-founder of the G&E Hill Foundation, first met Earl Ray Hurst's mother, Melissa Hurst, she was grabbed by Mrs. Hurst and given the biggest hug.  Mrs. Hurst was so pleased that the Foundation cared enough to make the trip to Houston, Texas in December of 2006 (in partnership with Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network) to present bicycles to the more than 100 children who wanted bikes for Christmas.  So many families lost everything because of Hurricane Katrina. 
Sadly, not long after Earl's family was displaced from New Orleans and had moved into their new home in Houston (donated by Oprah's Angel Network), his mother was struck and killed by a car as she attempted to cross the street  The shock over the news of Mrs. Hurst's tragic demise brought tears to all of those connected with this endeavor.  Earl went through some tough times after that was added to his already tumultuous young life.  But thanks to support from his loving grandmother, Mrs. Esther Brumfield, he was able to overcome.  We are so very proud of him and all that he has accomplished in the face of these seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Earl is not only a Hurricane Katrina survivor, a brave survivor of a terrible personal family loss, but a very intelligent student.  The letter of appreciation below from this special young scholarship recipient, Earl Hurst, gives us a great sense of satisfaction and pride.

Dear G&E Hill Scholarship Committee:


Thank you very much for the Thoroughbred Spirit Scholarship award.  It has helped me so much.  It helped me pay for tuition, to buy books and other school equipment. The refund checks that I receive from this award keeps me from having to worry about money to pay for these things. Whenever I need anything for school, I can draw from it. I am able to live on campus now because of the scholarships that I have received.  My mother would have been very proud of me. She always wanted to see me go to college and without this scholarship I would not have been able to go to Grambling State University where I made the Dean's List in my first semester."
Thank you very much for helping me to reach my dream of going to college and having my own chain of restaurants one day.


Earl Hurst 
(Houston, Texas)
2008 Thoroughbred Spirit Award:

We, here at the G&E Hill Foundation, feel a sense of great satisfaction and pride when we receive letters of appreciation such as the one below written by our first scholarship recipient, Andraea Camble, who is not only a very intelligent student but also a lucky Hurricane Katrina survivor:

Dear G&E Hill Scholarship Committee:


I would like to thank you for the opportunity of applying for and receiving the Thoroughbred Spirit Scholarship.


Attending college has always been my dream and I know that I have the dedication to see my goals through to completion. I am a good and decent person who wants to do well so I can show other young people that they do not have to accept what is just handed to them; they have options and choices. Upon completion of my degree, I will pursue a career in graphic and visual arts, but I will make sure that I also take the time to "returning blessings" to other young people who may be unsure that they have a future. I may not be able to do it monetarily, but I will give of my time and myself to help others.


As one of this year's recipients, I am grateful for the opportunities this scholarship could provide me and I will endeavor to uphold the character and academic standards that are expected of a recipient. I do not have parents who are financially able to pay outright for my education and receiving this scholarship will help reduce my financial burdens and provide assistance for me as I continue pursuing my education, as I hope to go to graduate school some day.


Once again, thank you for the opportunity and for supporting the dreams of students like me.



Andraea Camble
(Houston, Texas)
2007 Christmas Bicycle Give-Away:

Our mission is enriched when we receive letters of appreciation from children and their parents such as the one below from a very special grandmother, who is raising seven grandchildren:
A smile on the children's face's
I would like to thank you along with my children … for making it possible to see a smile on the children's face's in my home. You all have sincerely given them a warm and blessed holiday. Again thanking you for your kind and generous gifts.
-- Rose Davage
Baltimore, Maryland
Many thanks from the author to everyone that attended the Book Release Party held on March 1, 2007, in Baltimore, MD (to see pictures, click on Gallery). Below are a few encouraging words of praise from those who attended and purchased Thoroughbred: My House, My Block
(If you would like to have your comments posted here when you have finished reading the book, please email your feedback to:
"A truly inspiring story by a gifted writer! G. Dove Hill has created a compelling trailer of sorts. I can't wait for her next book!"
-- Johny Mae Bispham, Former Employee, Federal Government
"Quite a story! A very engaging read. G. Dove Hill has a talent for making characters come alive for the reader. Thoroughbred: My House, My Block shows that the 'thoroughbred spirit' can overcome!"
-- Elliot F. Bratton, Author of Jazz Son
"After reading Thoroughbred: My House, My Block, I was almost speechless, this book is truly a must read!  Mrs. Hill has a way of bringing her characters to life.  At times, I was wondering if I was reading an autobiography or a fiction.  The storyline was so real to me, very inspirational and one that I will push as a must read to my customers at Karibu Books. ..."
-- Cynthia A. Coates-Harris, Assistant Manager, Karibu Books Security Square Mall
"An incredible story of overcoming! This is truly a must read! Not only will you thoroughly enjoy reading Thoroughbred: My House, My Block but you will come away with an understanding of a young girl's tenacity and a family's relentless determination to triumph over adversity.
Thoroughbred: My House, My Block, is rich, raw and honest in its portrait of each character and locale -- Baltimore city and county. I could see and feel Tenya's pain and triumphs. I even related to some of the experiences she had. The father gave the heroine an awesome esteem booster. The mother evidenced the depth of sacrifices good moms make for their babies. The author's portrait of Tangee helped me to see her coping skills and spirit in a way that sighted folk often miss. I loved G. Dove Hill's first novel and look forward to her next one."   

-- Julia Davidson-Randall, Church Leader, Government Administrator
"A gripping novel! I found myself not wanting to stop reading this book because it is a story that I truly can relate to, an inspirational story that kept me coming back for more. Thoroughbred: My House, My Block is bound to become a best seller!"
-- Annette McQueen, Supervisor, United States Postal Service
"This is big!!! G. Dove Hill's Thoroughbred: My House, My Block is a must read! I feel it's going to be a best seller!"
-- Carolyn B. Phillips, Editor of the Poets Newsletter
"I found Thoroughbred: My House, My Block to be not only inspiring but captivating. I enjoyed this book immensely and did not want the story to end!"
-- Glenda Stephenson, Former Principal, Baltimore City Public Schools
Many thanks, also, for feedback received from some readers who were not at the Book Release Party. Included below are a few special words of praise from one very special Thoroughbred: My House, My Block reader:
(If you would like to have your comments posted here when you have finished reading the book, please email your comments to:
"This is such a blessing to me, because I have always wanted to know about my grandfather. As a child I wanted to ask Grandmommy questions about him, but didn't know if I should. And as an adult, I never want to bring up anything "sensitive" when I talk to her on the phone. I know you said some is fiction and some is based on actual events. I take the parts about Ennis to be my true grandfather. … I plan to add this book to our (book club) list as a selection for an upcoming month. Family is important to me. Reading about my own family is an awesome experience. The dedication to Daddy was very touching. It brought tears to my eyes. … I can't wait to get home today and see what Pony is going to do next. Tenya and Tangee, how cute is that?! Of course I can't forget Babe and Blue … These are my peeps!!"
-- Tria Boatwright, Senior Loan Processor, Mutual Mortgage Corporation, Detroit, MI
   (Daughter of author's deceased brother)
"Thoroughbred: My House, My Block is such an inspirational read that, before finishing it, I was moved to form a group within my church using G. Dove Hill's Thoroughbred Spirit theme as a means of motivating young girls. It is a powerful story of hope and triumph against great adversity. A testament to the strength of the human spirit."
-- Felicia Diggs, Librarian, Essex Library, Baltimore, Maryland
"A moving and inspiring story of how a young girl and her family overcome many trials and tribulations in their lives. It is a very engaging novel that holds real meaning and life lessons for us all. Full of tears and laughter, pain and joy, Thoroughbred: My House, My Block, is truly an enjoyable read."
-- Gloria Freeland, Federal Government Employee, Baltimore, Maryland
"I enjoyed reading Thoroughbred: My House, My Block very much. It is one of the most interesting and compelling stories I have read in a long time. If a book doesn't grab me in the first few pages, it loses me. But this book had me from page one. I look forward to reading G. Dove Hill's next book!"
-- Mary Ellen Thompson, Registered Nurse, Atlanta, Georgia 
"This is a great story! It caused me to reflect on my own early life experiences and come away with the feeling that everything happens for a reason. In every experience there is hope."
-- Felicia Y. Trower, Teacher, Blair, South Carolina
2006 Christmas Bicycle Give-Away:

Every now and then we are able to touch children's lives in special ways. Below are a few letters of appreciation from some of the many children/families that we were able to provide with brand new bicycles:
A beautiful bicycle for Christmas
"My name is Lolita Guillory. You blessed my daughter with a beautiful bicycle for Christmas. we are so grateful God placed your spirit with us. Next year if you are in the Houston area and you need volunteers please call us. … May God protect you and lift you up in spiritual glory."
-- Lolita and Samina
Houston, Texas

A beautiful bike ... like finding a pot of gold
"My son received a beautiful bike from your foundation. He really loves it and looks forward to riding it every time he opens his eyes. Receiving a bike without training wheels is like finding a pot of gold for him. We are so bless to receive all the wonderful things we have since Hurricane Katrina took what we knew as home away.
I am in the process of writing everyone who has contributed to our new beginning here on Angel Lane in Houston, TX. I remember like yesterday how things were so crazy trying to escape with our precious life. Now looking back and seeing how God has blessed us with a new take on life. I have definitely taken this second chance serious and instilled in my son to be grateful for every little thing, no matter how small it may seem.
Thank you dearly for the bikes and I will be mailing you a CD with all the pictures I took that day to add to your collections. May God bless you and yours in all that you do. If you need volunteers for anything, please do not hesitate to contact me to help. Once again, thanks a million for the blessing of a new bike for my son."
-- Tanika Thomas
Houston, Texas

"G&E Hill Foundation, I would like to thank you for the bikes. My kids are enjoying their new bikes. I would also like to thank you for the scholarship. I really appreciate what you did for my family. Thank you.
-- Melissa Hurst
Houston, Texas

"Thank you for the gift. May God continue to bless You. In Christ"

-- Evelyn Williams
Baltimore, Maryland

"I would lik to thank you for doing something I could have never done. You gave my grandchildren bicycles." You are an Angel. ... My world is so much nicer because of you -- thank you so much for your kindness."
-- Beverly Holland
Baltimore, Maryland

"I would like to thank you on behalf of my children. They loved their bikes. Your kindness will never be forgotten.
-- Melitta, Arnay & Antrell
Baltimore, Maryland


Every now and then we are able to touch peoples' lives in profound ways. Below are a few letters of appreciation from some of the many Hurricane Katrina survivors that we were able to help to hold on during their time of great need:

In this busy world, it's wonderful that some people still have the art of taking time for others - of giving from the heart. Thank you so much to: Thoroughbred Spirit Relief Fund. I appreciate this check very much. It will be put to good use. Many thanks to you good people.
-- Mary Skrmetta, Biloxi, Mississippi
Thank you very much, but if we can get further assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.
-- James Harry, Jefferson, Louisiana
Thank you so much for your help. We will (use) your money to purchase some warm clothes and some shoes.
-- Dixie Trosclair, Biloxi, Mississippi
With a lot of pride, determination and help from organizations like yours we will rebuild our lives again. We are living with my son and daughter-in-law and 6 year old son, who by the grace of God sustained light damage.
-- Sherman and Judy Brussard, Biloxi, Mississippi
I had 5 ft. of water in my home, destroyed appliances, windows, doors, walls, furniture, all clothing, a/c and heating, etc. An estimate of repairing home is $48,000. This does not include appliances, furniture, clothing. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated. I  had no flood insurance. I am a widow with 2 sons - one currently in Iraq with the Marines - one in college.  Thank you.
-- Donna Watts, Biloxi, Mississippi
Any (further) help you can assist me with will be appreciated. Thank you.
-- Juliet Wheeler, Biloxi, Mississippi
Thank you very much for all the help!!!
-- Rhonda White, New Orleans, Louisiana

2004 Christmas Bicycle Give-Away:
"Thank you for all you've done, (and) for all you do. A special thanks from me to you! Thank you so much to the G&E Hill Corporation for these generous Blessing on Xmas. God Bless You."
-- The France Family
Baltimore, Maryland
"Thanks a lot for listening."
-- Julia J.
Baltimore, Maryland
"May God Bless your (family) and my family. Thank you."
-- Daisy B.
Baltimore, Maryland
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